Five Reasons to go on a Sailing Charter Holiday in Scotland


If you’re poring over holiday and hotel brochures trying to decide where to go on your next trip, stop what you’re doing and consider something completely different – but something 100 times more memorable and relaxing. Consider a sailing charter holiday in Scotland. Here’s why:

All the Perks of Sailing but None of the Work!

Whether you are new to sailing or you’ve sailed before, a skippered yacht charter holiday in Scotland will be your most memorable holiday yet.  It’s better than a hotel!  Going on a sailing charter holiday with your own dedicated professional skipper means you’ll get all the perks of sailing, but none of the work. You’ll be free to sit back and relax on the water while the skipper takes care of the sailing for you.  You can simply focus on your surroundings, and believe us when we say, there’s nothing like seeing the beauty of Scotland from our waters.

Build Your Own Itinerary

The itinerary is completely up to you. Where have you always wanted to sail? Would you like to cruise up the loch to one of our renowned seafood restaurants (did we tell you that Scotland’s seafood is highly sought after by the best chefs in Europe – it’s that good)? Or would you prefer we take you to some of our best, and quietest, beaches and bays. Alternatively, would you prefer to visit somewhere a little livelier on the coast to enjoy some fabulous Scottish hospitality – perhaps Inveraray, Oban, or Brodick on Arran, an island that’s often referred to as Scotland in miniature. Like most charter companies, we’ll work with you to come up with your perfect itinerary. You’ll benefit from our experience and the knowledge of the skipper (generally our skippers are the friendliest, most professional seafarers ever).


Landscape view of Loch Fyne in Inveraray - Sailing charter holiday in Scoland

The mirror like waters of Loch Fyne around Inveraray


Scotland’s Landscape

A sailing charter holiday in Scotland is particularly special, and one of the best sailing destinations in Europe. Why? The landscape. It is awe inspiring and even if you’re from Scotland or you’ve visited before, seeing the country from the water gives you a completely different perspective on those majestic mountains and sweeping glens. Then there’s the wildlife. Depending on the time of year and exact location, you could see otters, seals, eagles, and sea eagles – even dolphins and whales. Or you might see the regal red deer stags roaming the hillside from your spot on the water. View our fleet of vessels that will potentially provide the means for you to truly enjoy Scotland’s beautiful landscape.

Landscape image of Lochranza on the Isle of Arran with red deer silhouetted in the foreground - Sailing charter holiday in Scoland

Sunset on Lochranza, Isle of Arran – and silhouettes of our native red deer stags

See More – Without the Traffic!

Not only will you see the country from a new perspective, but you’ll see lots of the country too! In other words, you will cover lots of ground – or should that be water?! We think it is a much better experience traveling aboard the comfort of the yacht than it is being in the car or bus, traveling from A to B. You’ll see far more as you travel, and there won’t be any traffic jams or ferry timetables to worry about. You could go island hopping on the Inner Hebrides, or explore the rugged and beautiful west coast – from Arran all the way to Ardnamurchan, the choice is yours. Every day you’ll wake up to a new view.

Freedom and Tranquility

You will really enjoy the feeling of freedom and tranquility. You’ll wake up each morning on tranquil and peaceful waters, with a real feeling of freedom. You and your party will be the only tourists around. Your holiday will be private and peaceful if you want it to be – and that’s difficult to achieve in the modern world these days, isn’t it? It’s the perfect getaway and chance to recharge, which is so important in modern life.

Coloured houses reflecting on the water in Tobermory on the Isle of Mull - Sailing charter holiday in Scoland

The tranquil, yet colourful waters around Tobermory on the Island of Mull mirror the famous coloured houses


So – what do you think? Is going on a sailing charter holiday in Scotland something you’d like to do?  There’s one other thing to point out. Chartering holidays are cheaper than you think. Flamingo Yacht Charters would be delighted to help you and discuss your requirements. We offer a substantial range of yachts for hire  – one of the best ranges in Scotland.  Please do get in touch.  Please contact us at if you have any questions, or alternatively, visit our Flamingo Yacht Charters Facebook page.

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Make your dreams of sailing on the West Coast of Scotland into a reality. We are offering a fabulous 10% off your first booking when you sign up to our mailing list.  Not only will you get 10% off a fantastic sailing holiday, you will also be the first to know about new developments and special offers and we will send you our newsletter packed with sailing info and tips.

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Scotland’s West Coast Wildlife


Scotland’s West Coast wildlife is truly amazing! The wildlife in our waters make sailing here a nature lover’s paradise. Here are five types of wildlife to look out for when sailing on the West Coast:

Bottlenose Dolphin

The Bottlenose Dolphins are larger than the dolphins you can find elsewhere in the world. They are around 3 to 4 metres long and they will live in pods of around 10. They will swim up to 20 mph and you can usually spot them breaching – jumping up out of the water. They are frequently sighted on the Moray Firth in the north of Scotland, and on the west coast around Mull, the Firth of Lorne, Skye and Canna. They are resident throughout the year, but you are certainly more likely to see them in summer, as the sea conditions will be calmer.

Bottlenose dolphin breaching water - West Coast Wildlife, Scotland

Summer is a perfect time to spot Bottlenose Dolphins on the West Coast of Scotland. Keep that in mind when planning your sailing trip in 2018.

Minke Whale

This Baleen whale can be found in Scottish waters – off the west coast. It measures around 9 metres long, and can usually be seen on its own, or if female, it may have a young calf with it. It rarely breeches, but since it needs to breathe air you can see it near the surface of the water. They can regularly be seen in summer around the Small Isles – Rum, Eigg and Muck, as well as in the waters around Skye and Mull.

They can be quite nosey – so look out, as they may approach your boat.

Minke Whale - Wildlife on Scotland's West Coast

The Mike Whale is a regular in the waters of Scotland’s West Coast

Killer Whale (Orca)

According to recent research by Aberdeen University – the pods of Orcas that can be seen around the northern and eastern coasts of Scotland are visiting pods. However, there is a small pod on the west coast of around nine or ten, which seem to be resident. Orcas are instantly recognisable from their black and white markings and vast size. The pod on the west coast can be spotted around Skye and the Small Isles – Rum, Eigg, Muck, Canna. On the north coast – you can spot the migratory pods in summer around Orkney and Shetland.

Orca breaching from the water - West Coast Wildlife, Scotland.

Orca – there is a small pod of Orcas that frequent the western coastal waters of Scotland.


Otters are one of the most elusive mammals in Scotland. However, if you are on the West Coast of Scotland you have a good chance of seeing them in the wild. You can find them in freshwater locations, close to the shore, during the day. You’ll find them in and around the Isle of Skye and Mull.

Portrait shot of an Otter - West Coast Wildlife, Scotland

Otters, our elusive but beautiful west coast neighbours all the year round.

Sea Eagle (White Tailed Eagle)

Sea Eagles are absolutely stunning creatures. Majestic and massive – in fact it’s the largest bird of prey in the UK, with a wingspan of 2.5 metres in length, and one metre tall.  Amazingly, the sea eagle was reintroduced to the area in the 1980s after being previously hunted to extinction. You can see Sea Eagles in and around Skye, Mull and Rum, as well as along the West Coast of the mainland.

White Tailed Sea Eagle soaring in the sky - West Coast Wildlife, Scotland

The sea eagle is the UK’s largest bird of prey – and it’s home is the West Coast of Scotland.

See the wonderful West Coast wildlife for yourself:

Seeing Scotland’s West Coast Wildlife from the water gives one a different perspective. Add in the chance to see all this wonderful wildlife and you’ve got a really memorable experience. Flamingo Yacht Charters can help you make this happen – we are based in Largs on the west coast of Scotland. We offer a substantial range of yachts for hire  – one of the best ranges in Scotland. If you are planning a sailing trip on the west coast of Scotland, then please do get in touch to discuss your needs.  You can find out more about us at or on our Flamingo Yacht Charters Facebook page.

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Christmas Gift Vouchers – Give the gift of sailing!


Give the gift of sailing. Gift vouchers.

Christmas gift vouchers are here. Looking for ideas for Christmas? Why not surprise that special someone with a gift voucher from us? Give the gift of sailing this Christmas! Call us today on 01475 686088 and let us help you to organise the perfect surprise.

Take a look at some of the gorgeous boats on our fleet

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Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust Round Britain 2017


Whether you have already booked or are planning to come sailing with us around the 20th of May, we would love you to join us in celebrating the start of the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust Round Britain 2017. Cheer on the crew as they leave Largs Yacht Haven on their awesome adventure and perhaps even get the chance to meet Dame Ellen herself.  A great event, organised by a fantastic charity.

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New Addition to the Fleet – “Alcuin” – Westerly Oceanranger 38


New to the Flamingo fleet, we would like to introduce Alcuin, a Westerly Oceanranger 38. She is a great sturdy traditional style yacht, designed to handle coastal cruising and long passages in safety and comfort. Safe and simple to sail, she can be easily managed by a crew of two and can comfortably sleep 6 people.

She is available to book from 1st May. Contact us today for more information.

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Winter maintenance is well underway


We’ve been busy here at Flamingo over the past few weeks, making full use of the glorious crisp weather and blue skies to get our boats looking spick and span for the 2017 season.  We’ve got some exciting things happening over the winter months and are looking forward to unveiling these changes in the spring.   Stay tuned……

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5 Great Days in Swift


Dear Avril,
Just to say a big thank you to you and the boys for your Service at Flamingo on my bare boat charter in Oct 2014.

The boat as always is clean and tidy  and ready to go, We had a  5 great days in Swift, which you had upgraded for us, with loads of space for all the crew and a huge sail to play with.

I will definitely come back to Flamingo and will recommend others to do so.


Hugh McLean

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