Spending your holiday on the seas is the ultimate getaway. If you are planning to charter your own yacht - here is what a day in the life of your skipper might look like.

January 23rd, 2018


Spending your holiday on the seas is the ultimate getaway. It’s just you, your crew, the boat and the waves. If you are planning to charter your own yacht - here is what a day in the life of your skipper might look like.

Up with the larks.

The skipper is the person that’s has ultimate control of the vessel, so they will usually be the first up, preparing for the day of sailing ahead.

Check the weather and the tides.

First on the list, after a coffee perhaps in the glorious fresh air on deck, is to check the weather. The weather, and in particular the wind, will determine the itinerary for the day.

Caption: Fine weather on #Iona and #Mull, Inner Hebrides, Scotland.

Check the itinerary and choose the sailing route.

Most of the time, you’ll have already set your itinerary, but the skipper will regularly check the forecast to make sure that the plans still suit what the weather has in store. If you need to make a change to the itinerary then the skipper will do that before you set sail. One of the rules of sailing is to keep an open mind as things do change.

Caption: #LochFyne, #Inveraray – one of the most popular sailing destinations on the Scottish west coast.

Check the boat, any supplies and fuel.

Before you set sail for the next destination, the skipper will check fuel and any key supplies – along side the crew and whoever has been nominated as first mate. They will also usually check the engine and oil levels etc. But when you’re chartering a yacht, things are always in very good condition, but skippers understand the need to check.

Caption: Sea coast on the Isle of #Arran – perfect place to explore on your #yachtcharter.

Set sail for your preferred destination.

When the boat has been checked, the weather studied, the supplies in place and the crew drilled – then it’s time to set sail for the next destination on your holiday cruise. Whilst the boat is sailing, the skipper is ultimately in charge of everyone’s safety on board and navigating the boat successfully to the next generation. The skipper will be juggling navigation, maritime traffic rules as you pass other boats, safety, and most elements of marine engineering and meteorology. The skipper is a busy person! It’s just as well a cruise also involves a lot of relaxation too.

Caption: Over the sea to Skye – is this your preferred destination?

Moor the yacht in time for the afternoon stop.

Usually the skipper will be sailing the yacht to its next destination in time for lunch. The sailing itinerary will likely be built around making it to the next holiday location where you can swim, explore the coast, have lunch and dinner with a waterfront view, spend the evening at the local bar – all the while you set the pace, because the itinerary can be changed to suit you. Such an idyllic break – and like we said, it’s the ultimate getaway.

Do you fancy booking your own ultimate getaway?

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