Spending half the year waiting for Spring and Summer to come around again seems like the ultimate waste of good sailing time to us.

January 23rd, 2018


Spending half the year waiting on Spring and Summer to come around again seems like the ultimate waste of good sailing time to us. Here’s our guide to why sailing in Scotland in winter is the ultimate adventure experience:

The Weather

The weather is either going to be a charm or a challenge when sailing in Scotland in winter. If you strike it lucky, you can be handsomely rewarded with beautiful clear and crisp conditions that really highlight the already beautiful Scottish landscape and colour schemes. If the weather is less than good, then you’ll have the adrenaline charged challenge of staying one step ahead of it.

Caption: Striking it lucky with the weather on a winter sail. #FlamingoYachtCharters

Empty Waters

Since it is colder, and the weather and wind can be more intense during winter, there tend to be less people and boats around than in spring and summer. So, although winter sailing in Scotland can be an adventurous experience, it can also be a peaceful one where you will have the best anchorages all to yourself.

Caption: Colder weather means emptier waters. Just you, the boat and the sea. #FlamingoYachtCharters

The winter sun, moon and stars.

Although the days are much shorter in winter, you can often be rewarded with beautiful crisp winter sunshine. When anchored for the night in the perfect spot, there is nothing quite like viewing the stars in the winter sky – particularly when the night lasts for longer. Time your trip correctly, and you could even make use of a winter full moon during your sailing trip for a truly spectacular night sail. You may also be really lucky and experience the mysterious delights of the Northern Lights as they dance across the sky – you will never forget this magical sight.

Caption: The winter skies are very rewarding. Nowhere better to see them than from a boat. #FlamingoYachtCharters

The variety of the Scottish Coast.

Parts of the waters in and around Scotland’s coasts – particularly the west coast - offer challenge and exhilaration to even the most experienced sailors, thanks to the geography and the conditions. The same factors mean that there’s an adventure to be had almost everywhere you sail to – with castles, distilleries, mountains and rugged shore in constant proximity.

Caption: Sailing on the Scottish west coast offers plenty to see and do. #FlamingoYachtCharters

The wildlife

Whilst out on the water, you’ll be able to spot a huge array of wildlife both on and off the water. There are many migratory birds from colder climates wintering here each year – like the thousands of geese that you can spot in and around Islay. Keeping your eyes on the skies might reward you with a sighting of the elusive native sea eagle or golden eagle. At sea level, there’s a chance of seeing secretive otters, dolphins, porpoises, basking sharks and whales as well as plenty of playful seals.

Caption: Just some of the winter wildlife on offer. #FlamingoYachtCharters

The reward of rest and recuperation.

After a day’s sailing in winter in Scotland, there is nothing like rewarding yourself with a warm drink and meal below deck or in one of the cosy local pubs to be found all along the coast.

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