Yacht Charter & Family Sailing Holidays in Scotland

We list the top 5 reasons that we think make a yacht charter in Scotland the ideal family holiday. Explore the magic of Scotland & escape on your own private yacht.

September 30th, 2020


Yacht Charter and Family Sailing Holidays in Scotland

The Top 5 Reasons a Yacht Charter in Scotland Is a Great Family Holiday

In these uncertain times when we are all facing how best to deal with Coronavirus restrictions and to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe, a yacht charter holiday in Scotland with your family is the ideal way to enjoy quality time together. A sailing holiday with us is, in essence, a self-catering holiday with full facilities but even better than that your accommodation is fully private and can move around each day. Your yacht is your home, your transport and your base for adventure all rolled into one! We’ve put together a list of the top five reasons that you should consider a family sailing holiday in Scotland.

1) Safe Environment

Your yacht will be your home for the week. We want you to feel safe, relaxed and comfortable. With 3 or 4 double cabins and spacious lounge/eating areas on our boats there’s lots of space for you to spread out and enjoy your accommodation. All of our yachts are deep-cleaned before each charter and for added peace of mind we also use a professional grade fogging machine to further sanitise all boats. On deck, there’s lots of room to move about, spot some wildlife or just enjoy the ride. All of your yachts are professionally maintained, we provide all the latest safety equipment and we adhere to stringent coding guidelines. We do our best to make sure that all you have to think about is being on holiday.

2) Privacy

You can choose to have private use of your yacht. All you need to do is step aboard and sail off into the sunset. You don’t need to worry about crowds or busy areas, you can spend your time exclusively with your own bubble group. You don’t even have to visit a shop if you don’t want to, you can pre-order your groceries from a major supermarket and have them delivered to our base on the day of your charter. All meals can then be cooked on board and you are free to sail to wherever takes your fancy for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

3) Adventure

Your yacht is not just your home for the week, it is also your transport and your base for adventure. Sailing is a brilliant sport that focusses the mind and frees the soul. Unleash your inner adventurer on a trip around Scotland by yacht. There are so many amazing places to visit around the Scottish coast. There are castles for history enthusiasts, mountains to climb for the Munro baggers, plenty of trails to ride for cycling and mountain biking enthusiasts, championship courses for golfers, plentiful wildlife for nature enthusiasts and stunning scenery for photographers. We also have good connections with local operators if you fancy a day on shore packed with activities like coasteering, SUP, archery or kayaking. Or you can enjoy a spot of wild swimming before hopping back aboard for a refreshing shower in the cockpit. The question is which adventure will you choose first?

4) Teamwork

Sailing is a great family activity. You can all work together as a team and everyone can help out. There are jobs on board to suit all ages from steering the yacht to hoisting the sails, plotting a course & checking the weather forecast to deciding on the best spot to stop for lunch! Teamwork on board a yacht is great for strengthening family bonds and for learning new skills together. Physical and mental skills can be put to the test and there’s nothing better than the sense of achievement when you arrive energised at your destination at the end of the day.

5) Digital Detox

Get away from the gadgets for a while. Everyone needs some downtime from screens, computers, phones and games consoles sometimes. Take a break from checking your emails, worrying about work and posting on social media. Get the kids off the gadgets too and thinking about their surroundings. Sailing clears your head and helps you to focus on nature, the environment and the outdoors. Being in the fresh air onboard a yacht really helps you to forget about the pressures of the modern world as you skim over the sea. We may be biased but we think that Scotland’s coasts and waters are without a doubt the best outdoor classroom in the world!

So what are you waiting for? To find out more or book your family sailing holiday and start your adventure call us on 01475 686 088 or email [email protected]